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Hoping for a brighter 2021 ...

Kings Langley Good Neighbours

Kings Langley Good Neighbours volunteers were on call all over Christmas. Now we are in 2021 and with the COVID vaccine being available we are busy with driving our clients to appointment to get their jab.  New volunteer drivers needed now.

Life post Covid-19?

Over the coming weeks Good Neighbours expect to be returning to a more 'normal' service as medical appointments resume and our drivers and volunteers have their vaccinations and return to full operation. We are indebted to all our newer volunteers who have contributed so much and enabled us to keep running over the past year. We hope many of them will stay with us!

Vaccinations have started

We have been busy taking clients to local pharmacies as well as a pop up centre on the industrial estate in Hemel Hempstead.Vaccination Centre


Hamper cheer for KL residents


In the middle of November we were contacted by a local resident who was offering to provide a number of Christmas hampers to people in the village who are finding the isolation through lockdown very difficult and who would benefit from a boost at Christmas.  

Our Committee readily agreed to accept this offer and to identify people known to us who we felt would appreciate such a gift.  Each Committee member selected people who they considered would be eligible. When all the names were collated, the number was considerably more than the twenty hampers which were available, so a draw was organised to make the selection. The lucky winners were informed and arrangements made to deliver the hampers. All the recipients were extremely grateful to the donor who had made this possible. The Committee members also wish to express their thanks for such a generous gesture. 

The photo shows our Chairman, Eric Martin, delivering a hamper to one of the recipients.

Shopping and prescriptions

Kings Langley Good Neighbours is able to help  anyone in the village who is self isolating or confined to their homes during the current corona virus crisis. We can collect prescriptions or get some essential shopping for you. We are also looking for more volunteers to help us through the next few weeks. Contact us at KLGNA.ORG or contact 07790668672

Need gardening help now?

catkinsFollowers of Monty Don & co. will be aware that now Spring has arrived we need to be tidying up our gardens to make a backdrop to the displays of Summer flowers, vegetables and fruit! “I know what needs to be done out there,” said one elderly Kings Langley resident, “but I can’t bend down to do it any more!” We now have a few volunteers prepared to help.

Provided our volunteer can access your garden without coming into your house, we may be able to offer a certain amount of gardening help. Does this service appeal to you, either to join our gardening team, or to alert us to the need of an elderly neighbour or relative? If so, Ring our Helpline on 07790 668 672.

Watch our documentary film "Village with a Soul" and see the Good Neighbours Scheme in action. Produced in 2015 with a 2019 update.

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Shopping for clients socially isolating


Helping out people in the village has been a lifeline to many in Kings Langley who have not been able to get out for their shopping or prescriptions.  Kings Langley Good Neighbours volunteers will continue to help with these things as lockdown eases but we also expect to be slowly resuming our more normal tasks such as taking people to their medical appointments. 

Coronavirus news

Thanks to many of our volunteers Good Neighbours is now able to offer clients transport to medical appointments again. As we continue to be in a form of lockdown in Kings Langley we can also still help with prescription collection and shopping