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07790 668672

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Meet some of our Volunteers

Karen PeaceKaren is one of our volunteer drivers and Lunch Club helpers. She has also answered calls on the Helpline. " .... it’s rewarding to help out and lovely to meet new people. It’s fulfilling to know that by driving them to their appointments it lessens the burden on those that have family, and offers company to those that don't ".A volunteerGeoff PulferIt is often said, “If you want something done ask a busy person!” That is certainly true of our volunteer, Geoff Pulfer. Not only is he one of our regular volunteer drivers who will take people to a variety of appointments, often at short notice, but he also drives twice a month for our Tuesday Lunch Club." .... coming from Hemel Hempstead, I was interested to explore your village. Between bringing the diners and taking them home again I've enjoyed some lovely walks in the area".Lorene Preston ... Lorene’s response to a call is so often, “ Yes, happy to do it, send me the details,” and yet she has many other and varied interests to pursue. Here’s some of her story:“I started volunteering with Good Neighbours over 20 years ago when my youngest daughter started full-time school and I was looking for something useful to do. I really enjoy meeting the different people I take to various appointments, and they are always so grateful for what we do for them. As a keen birdwatcher I am often to be found roaming round Tring Reservoirs and College Lake in pursuit of hopefully some rarity that I have not seen before. I love travelling and have been to some wonderful places including China, South Africa and Peru – I remember once receiving a ‘phone call from Good Neighbours asking if I could do a drive, but sadly I had to refuse as I was in the Atacama Desert in Chile at the time! “

When you volunteer as a driver you don’t have to make a regular commitment. If a client needs our help, the Helpline team send out a text to selected volunteers with brief details. On receiving the text a volunteer can ignore it or, reply to accept the job. Motoring expenses are covered.The same applies for gardening, DIY and visiting requests, except that the call will usually come from a team member dedicated to that section. The Lunch Club is every Tuesday between 11.30am and 2.00pm. Rotas are planned on a monthly basis and volunteers are asked on which Tuesday(s) they are able to help. Tasks include serving meals, chatting to the clients and collecting the diners from their homes in Kings Langley, then taking them home again. Being a Helpline Call Handler involves working mainly from home between 9.00am and 5.00pm on one or more days a month. We use a mobile phone and a dedicated computer programme so some computer skills are necessary. Because we use a mobile phone you won’t be tied to your home all day when you’re on duty.

Volunteering can have many positive effects on a person's well-being and emotional state.

Here are a few ways volunteering can make the volunteer feel:
1 Sense of Purpose: Volunteering gives individuals a sense of purpose and meaning in their lives. It can help them feel like they are contributing to a greater cause and making a difference in their community.
2 Increased Happiness: Volunteering has been shown to increase feelings of happiness and satisfaction. Helping others can bring joy and fulfillment, which can improve overall well-being.
3 Reduced Stress: Volunteering can also help reduce stress levels. When people focus on helping others, they can take their minds off their own problems and worries, which can lead to a reduction in stress and anxiety.
4 Improved Social Connections: Volunteering can help individuals develop new social connections and strengthen existing relationships. This can help combat loneliness and isolation, which can have negative effects on mental health.
5 Sense of Accomplishment: Volunteering can provide a sense of accomplishment and pride in one's work. Seeing the positive impact of their efforts can help individuals feel a sense of achievement and self-worth.
Overall, volunteering can have many positive effects on a person's emotional state and well-being. It can help individuals feel happier, more fulfilled, and more connected to their community.

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